Breaktime Breakaway Couplings


M Carder Performance Advantages
Unique Brass break Rings : provide consistent separation force
Ball check valves : Seal both halves instantly upon separation no fuel loss
Dry break coupling : NO fuel is lost during reassembly, the two halves seal before the check valves open.

Breaktime Breakaways Couplings

Pammvi Inc is represent M Carder Breaktime Breakaways Couplings. We have range of Breaktime Breakaways Couplings. The Breaktime breakaway couplings were designed to provide protection for the equipment at HIGH CAPACITY Fueling Locations. This includes Mining operations, Marinas, Truck and Bus terminals, off road refueling fuel oil delivery as well as many industrial sites. The BREAKTIME utilizes the same break ring technology and ball check valves as the service station and truck stop models. The breakaways have been in continuous production for over 20 years. Easy to repair on site.

M.Carder Industries is celebrating 48 years of operation. From the beginning, his product was dedicated to Q.S.I. Quality products, unmatched Service to our customers and continous technical Innovation. Today, the product line has been expanded considerably, but the company's philosophy remains the same.