Photoelectric Lighting Controller Pammvi Inc


Photoelectric Lighting Controller

Pammvi Inc is represent Photoelectric Lighting Controller. We have range of Photoelectric Lighting Controller. With the help of this the energy saving is also happen. Since 1959 Steinel had registered more than 300 patents, designs and models for our inventions. Steinel have resulted in over 2500 products belonging to the best of their kind. Some have even revolutionised entire segments.

Automatically switches light 'ON' and 'OFF'. Did I turn the light 'OFF'? Or did I forget to? With the NightMatic 3000 Vario, this question's not an issue any more. When it's dark it takes care of switching the outside light 'ON' and 'OFF' all by itself. But that's not all: The intelligent night-economy mode automatically switches the light 'OFF' after a programmable time and back 'ON' again in the early hours between 4 and 5 o'clock. The photocell controller feels most at home on your property, on the front of a building or in a shop window.