PIR Motion Sensor Pammvi Inc


PIR Motion Sensor

Pammvi Inc is represent Steinel PIR Motion Sensor. We have range of PIR Motion Sensor. With the help of this the energy saving is also happen. Since 1959 Steinel had registered more than 300 patents, designs and models for our inventions. Steinel have resulted in over 2500 products belonging to the best of their kind. Some have even revolutionised entire segments.

Sensor technology is a must in many buildings today. This is precisely where the PIR Motion Sensor comes in. King of the infrared motion detectors. The revolutionary of Steinel sensIQ KNX for indoors and out, ideal for building entrances, loading bays, installation height up to 5 m, quadruple sensor system for optimum coverage over a 300° detection angle, 20 m range (tangential), metre-precision reach setting in 3 different directions. Remote control is also available in many PIR Motion Sensor.