Sensor Switched Flood Light Pammvi Inc


Sensor Switched Flood Light

Pammvi Inc is represent Steinel Sensor Light. We have range of Sensor Light. With the help of this the energy saving is also happen. Since 1959 Steinel had registered more than 300 patents, designs and models for our inventions. Steinel have resulted in over 2500 products belonging to the best of their kind. Some have even revolutionised entire segments.

Classic outside. Futuristic inside. sensor inside and perfect. Designer sensor-switched LED floodlight even better. Ideal for loading bays, courtyard entrances and outdoor spaces around buildings, interconnectable by cable for perfect illumination on a minimal amount of energy, angle of coverage, max. reach 12 m, light panel and sensor fully swivelling, STEINEL Active-Thermo-Control. Sensor Switched Flood Light with sensor, ideal for building entrances and fronts of buildings. This is why we have combined pioneering technology and customisable functionality from the sensor light series with timeless design. The result of sensor light brings permanent aesthetic appeal to your entrance. Only when necessary, of course the sensor detects persons from any walking direction and can distinguish them from small animals. And it remains completely invisible. With minimal energy consumption and the incredibly long life expectancy of the LEDs, so too are its running costs.